Press Guidelines

  • ​​​​​The official language of WSPID is English
  • WSPID is an independent non-profit scientific society
  • Press activities should not interfere with scientific activities during the meeting
  • The unique atmosphere and the identity of the WSPID meetings should remain untouched
  • Sponsors should not use a WSPID meeting for advertisement or promotional purposes other than agreed ​to in the contract between them and WSPID
  • There will be no official WSPID press conference in 2015

​Press Reg​​istration

​​​Press may register for the WSPID Congress free of charge by sending their registration request, ​including full contact details and proper press ​creedentials, to  
Press members will receive special badges at the on-site registration desk.​

​​photo​​graphs, audio and video recording​

Photographs as well as audio and video recordings are not permitted at the WSPID official meeting sessions. This regulation does not apply to the industry sponsored satellite symposia. 
Photographs of activities during breaks, in the exhibition hall and walking area are permitted with the exception of poster halls.​

embargo pol​​​icy

​Any data presented at WSPID 2015 will be under embargo from release by the press until after the presentation takes place (i.e. data presented in the morning can be released in the afternoon). 
The data can be discussed prior to the presentation at on/off site press briefings but needs to stay under strict embargo as per condition above.
Abstracts are available to the press for viewing within the online scientific program once published.​

restricte​d activities

  • ​​Interviews in the walking area, in the poster hall or in the lecture halls
  • ​Movies
  • Hidden recording

​industry press guide​​​​lines

  • ​​​​​Industry press activities may be conducted on/off site and should not coincide with
    any of the scientific sessions. WSPID must be notified about any activity taking place
    offsite by October 5, 2015.
  • Rooms may be available for rent by the industry and their PR representatives at a set fee directly from the Congress Center (subject to availability).
  • All industry press releases must be submitted to WSPID for approval not later than October 5, 2015.
  • Industry may present/discuss data during its symposium prior to the poster/abstract public presentation, but it should be made very clear to the audience that this discussion is made under embargo policy.
  • If industry chooses to direct broadcasting of its sessions – it is upon its discretion if it does not violate the item 4 of present guidelines.        
  • Industry press office may have a sign on the door (“XXX company Media Information
    Center”), but no other directional signs or posters are allowed in the corridors.
  • The decoration of press rooms hired by the industry can be done upon their discretion but the use of the WSPID logo or reference to it are not permitted.
  • Industry press packs and/or promotional materials relating to the press can be placed in the stands exhibition and /or at the press office and hospitality suite (if reserved). Material placed in other locations around the Meeting Center (with the exception of the exhibitor’s stand) will be removed.
  • WSPID media lists or lists of press attendees from former meetings and events are not made available to the Industry or their communications representatives.
The Press Conference Room can be booked by industry at specific requested times and restricted to press attendees and Industry press conference organizers (Industry officials and their PR/event management representatives) with the Congress Secretariat.

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