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​​​​​Rio is the second largest city in Brazil and the state capital of Rio de Janeiro. The city is best known for its beaches, carnivals, football, music and its well preserved tropical forests. Commonly known just as Rio and once a Portuguese colony, it was also the capital of Brazil for nearly two centuries during the 1800s. Brasilia became the capital in 1960 when Brazil achieved independence.

Rio de Janeiro never fails to impress with its modern outlook that reflects its progression through the times of yore. The historic sites, sparkling beaches, green belts and jubilant attitude of the locals embrace the tourists to the world where heaven meets the earth. Rio's carnival with its effervescent samba dancers jiggling their hips attracts thousands of tourists around the world. The rain-forests, museums, beaches and the glitz of the city have made Rio what it is today - Brazil's top-notch tourist attraction.

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