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​​​​​​​​​Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hall A, 12:30-14:00

Poliovirus and pertussis containing vaccines: programmatic and industrial considerations​

Sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur  

headset.png Session will have simultaneous translation to Portuguese and Spanish

ChairpersonTina Q. Tan, USA

12:30-12:45 - Welcome and introduction
                       ​ Tina Q. TanUSA

12:45-13:05IPV/OPV sequential schedules: What are the recent data telling us?
                        Edwin Asturias, USA

13:05-13:25 - Maximizing benefits from currently licensed pertussis vaccines
                        David R. Johnson, USA

13:25-13:45 - Industrial challenges around manufacturing of DTaP-backboned
                        combination vaccines
                        Emmanuel Vidor, France

13:45-14:00 - Q&A - Summary and Close
                        Tina Q. TanUSA

Hall A, 16:00-17:45

Exploring the potential of the first dengue vaccine: from efficacy to implementation​

Sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur

headset.png Session will have simultaneous translation to Portuguese and Spanish

ChairpersonDonald S. Shepard, USA

16:00-16:05 - Welcome and introduction
                        Donald S. Shepard, USA

16:05-16:25 - Understanding the burden of dengue:  medical, public health,
                        and economic perspectives
                        Donald S. Shepard, USA

16:25-16:55 - Sanofi Pasteur dengue vaccine clinical program update
                       Nicholas Jackson, France

16:55-17:15 - Clinical perspective on vaccination as part of an integrated dengue
                       prevention and control strategy
                       Carmen C. Deseda, USA

17:15-17:35 - Vaccinating against a complex disease with a complex
                       Jose Esparza, USA

17:35-17:45 - Q&A - Summary and Close
                       Donald S. Shepard, USA

Hall A, 18:00-19:30

Confronting the spread of Dengue​ 
Sponsored by Takeda​ 

headset.png Session will have simultaneous translation to Portuguese and Spanish

Chairperson: Marco Aurelio Sáfadi , Brazil

18:00-18:10  - Welcome and introduction
                         Marco Aurelio Sáfadi , Brazil

18:1​0-18:30 - The impact of dengue
                        Maria da Glória Teixeira, Brazil

18:30-18:50 - Dengue clinical manifestations: Children and adults are unique​
                        Usa Thisyakorn, Thailand

18:50-19:10 - The path to dengue vaccines​​
                        Dan Stinchcomb, USA

19:10-19:25 - Panel discussion
                       All faculty

19:25-19:30 - ​Meeting close​
                        Marco Aurelio Sáfadi, Brazil

Hall A, 2​0:30-22:00

HPV Cancer Prevention and Disease Reduction for Varicella– 
The Critical Role of HCPs 
to Successful Vaccination Programs​

Sponsored by MSD​  ​

headset.png Session will have simultaneous translation to Portuguese and Spanish

Chairperson: Marco Safadi, Brazil

20:30-20:35Chairman’s Welcome and Opening Remarks
                         Marco Safadi, Brazil


20:35-20:55Rationale for Vaccine Implementation in Argentina
                        Eduardo Lopez, Argentina

20:55-21:10 - US Experience With Varicella Vaccine
                       Jaime Fergie, USA

21:10-21:20 - Q&A


21:20-21:40Successes and Opportunities With HPV Vaccination
                        Xavier Bosch, Spain

21:40-21:55Critical Role of the Pediatrician in HPV Vaccination
                        Romina LibsterArgentina

21:55-22:00 - Q&A​

​​Friday, November 20, 2015

​​Hall A, 12:30-14:00

Evolution of Vaccine Preventable Diseases–Insights from Latin America

Sponsored by GSK   

headset.png Session will have simultaneous translation to Portuguese and Spanish

ChairpersonRosana Richtmann, Brazil

12:30-12:35 - Chair’s introduction
                        Rosana Richtmann, Brazil

12:35-13:00Yesterday: A glance at the historical public health needs
                        Panel discussion moderated by Rosana Richtmann, Brazil
                        Otávio Cintra, Brazil
                        Romulo ColindresBrazil
                        David PradoGuatamala

13:00-13:35Today: The beneficial impact of vaccination
                        Otávio CintraBrazil
                        Romulo ColindresBrazil
                        David PradoGuatamala

13:35-13:50And Tomorrow? Gaining clarity through the cloud
                        Thomas BreuerBelgium & All

13:50-14:00 - Conclusion and Q&A
                        Rosana Richtmann, Brazil
                        Otávio CintraBrazil
                        Romulo Colindres, Brazil
                        David PradoGuatamala
                        Thomas BreuerBelgium

Hall A, 16:30-18:00

4CMENB*: the next step in preventing meningococcal disease
Sponsored by GSK   
headset.png Session will have simultaneous translation to Portuguese and Spanish

Chairpersons: Marco SáfadiBrazil
                       Rino RappuoliItaly
16:30-16:40 - Welcome and introduction 
                        Marco SáfadiBrazil
16:40-17:00 - Epidemiology and surveillance of meningococcal disease
                        Marco SáfadiBrazil​
17:00-17:25 - Meningococcal vaccines: the journey towards a meningitis-free
                        Rino RappuoliItaly​
17:25-17:50 - 4CMenB*: clinical development and implementation
                       María Elena Santolaya De PabloChile
17:50-18:00 - Closing remarks and Q&A
                        Marco SáfadiBrazil
*Meningococcal group B Vaccine (rDNA, component, adsorbed), internationally known as Bexsero®​

Hall A, 18:15-19:45

​Insights in Pneumococcal Disease - Impact of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines and Effectiveness in Pediatric Populations
Sponsored by Pfizer  
headset.png​Session will have simultaneous translation to Portuguese and Spanish

Chairperson:  Marco Aurelio Palazzi Safadi​, Brazil​

18:15-18:20 - Welcome & Introductions
                        Marco Aurelio Palazzi Safadi​, Brazil
18:20-18:35 - Global Pneumococcal Burden of Disease After Introduction of
                       Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines
                       María Luisa Ávila-Agüero​, Costa Rica
18:35-18:50 - Effectiveness of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines in Latin                                      America
                       María Catalina Pírez García​, Uraguay
18:50-19:30 - Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines: Linking Immunogenicity to  ​                             Public Health Impact
                        Ron Dagan, Israel
19:30​-19:45 - Q&A Panel and Closing Remarks
                       Marco Aurelio Palazzi Safadi​, Brazil

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hall B, 12:30-14:00

Conjugate Pneumococcal Vaccines: A Global Success Story

Developed by WebMD Global Medscape.jpg

ChairpersonMarco A. P. Sáfadi, Brazil

12:30-12:35 - Welcome, Introductions, & Pre-Activity Questions 
                       Marco A. P. Sáfadi, Braz​il

12:35-12:45Worldwide Success of Pediatric Pneumococcal Disease
   ​​​​                    Marco A. P. Sáfadi, Brazil

​​12:45-13:05Impact of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines (PCV): A Modern Day

  ​​                      E. Kim Mulholland, UK
​​​​​​13:05-13:25Higher-Valent PCV Implementation: One Country's Experience
 ​​​                     Gabriel Oselka , Brazil
13:25-13:45 Do Differences Among Available PCVs Influence the Effectiveness
                        of Vaccination? 
                     ​  David Goldblatt, UK
14:45-13:53 - Discussion and Q&A: The Story Continues 
13:53-13:58Conclusion: Effective Implementation of Pneumococcal Disease
                       Immunization is Critical: A Call to Action
                       ​Marco A. P. Sáfadi, Brazil
13:58-14:00Post-Activity Questionnaire
                       ​ Marco A. P. Sáfadi, Brazil​
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